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An "encyclopedia" where people go to bash things that they dont like, but the majority of people do. The meeting place for 13 year olds who dont have that many freinds and spend all of their life on the internet writing hate-shit about jews, youtube, blacks, arabs, and etc.
If you dont like the site, a little mid-pubescent boy will send his lulz minions to attack you with tr0lls.
You see many people describing hate for ED on Urban Dictionary. And you know what? They're mostly thumbed up.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is the most unfunniest pile of lies, racism, and shit that I've ever seen on the internet. Which, no, it's not serious business...I know you're being mocking of noobs, but how can you mock what you already are?
by Dr. Clash December 27, 2007
A 3-D game made by Disney. But let's ignore that.

Toontown is an MMORPG that reaches the age audience (in my opinion) of 4-12, but, beleive it or not, parents and single adults play it too. You get to play as a "toon" who can be a rabbit, cat, horse (ugly) dog, etc. and can be of a wide assortment of colors, heights, fatness, or whatever. (Am I wording this akwardly?)
Your main goal is to defeat the cogs by joking around to fight them.

Some of my complaints are that it lags a lot. The fps can be really low at times, as one person has complained already. Also, the visual alpha from far away, or in other words the appearence of geometric shapes from a distance is crapped up. A dogs eyes for example should be ovals, but instead they are octagon looking things. Same with rabbits' mouths and ears.
Oh, and you can't freeform chat. You have to choose words from the "speedchat" menu. Mainly because there aren't any mods in the areas, like club penguin.

But enjoy your ten dollar a month game. I do.
DrClash- ok bye guys...I'm gonna play toontown for a while...

Maplestory noob-toontows for babiz lol

DrClash- ...then don't bother with it...
by Dr. Clash September 08, 2007
The one thing we depend on, the one thing we wish to death.
Advertising is in your home, roads, cities, home pages, email account, mmorpg, car, brain, TV, shoes, kitty, backyard, stores, bed, school, and it's also there when you die and go to wherever you are destined to lay.
by Dr. Clash October 01, 2007
"Emusic" or "E-music" is a website that is centered on emerging artists, or basicly artsits you never heard of. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, obviously; If you want to search some good old Nirvana, all you will find are either,
1. One song from compilations.
2. Weird lullaby renditions.
3. Tributes.
You notice one thing, WHERE IS NIRVANA? You won't find the big names you like most of the time!
E-Music has also been criticized for lack of good quality in freshly ripped Cd's. Although these cons, you may find some pros. Perhaps you can find a new band you like.
Dr. Clash- Hmm...I would like to download some Smashing Pumpkins from Emusic.

One minute later

Dr. Clash- Lullaby rendition...nevermind...

Thirty Minutes later

Dr. Clash- Dang! That's an awesome DnB track! Thank you, Emusic!
by Dr. Clash October 01, 2007
An MMORPG created by the Crazed Monkeys team (or something like that)
It is 2-d, and based on anime graphics.
The goal is to fight monsters and not die and level up. It's pixelized.
Dr. Clash- I cant wait to fire up this new MMORPG! It sure is taking a long time...

One hour later...

Dr. Clash- What...what is this? No music? Bad graphics? Wha- Illutia, you betrayed me!!
by Dr. Clash November 09, 2007

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