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Urinating in the street while spinning around. The resultant ring of urine stains the street for a few days. Alternatively, one can spell one's name with the urine.
I drank so much malt liquor that I went out in the street and made a pee ring!

Oh yeah? I wrote my name with my pee!
by Dr. Charles Dromedary April 20, 2008
The unit of digital information in computing and telecommunications that encodes downloaded porn. Abbreviated as "Jb."
"Adam crashed his computer after a night of downloading Jizzabyte after Jizzabyte of porn."
by Dr. Charles Dromedary December 04, 2011
The shape formed when big, white, unflattering underwear rides up high over a woman's mom jeans.
Check out the hot whale tail on that chick!

Oh, yeah? Check out the sea cow tail on her mom!
by Dr. Charles Dromedary April 13, 2008
TV, radio, or cell phone tower.
I can see the satellite on a stick over the treeline in my back yard.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary December 03, 2011
A group of chatty women and their offspring taking up space and being
loud in any suburban Starbucks. Often resembles a flock of hens and
their chicks pecking and clucking around a henhouse.

The group of women may include MILFs and MIRFs and can often be
seen with whale tail, sea cow tail, and wearing mom jeans.

Their conversations can be heard over the din of their
free ranging brood and usually involve giving other moms advice on
parenting or complaining about their husbands.
MJ: "David, I can't hear you on your cell phone!"

David: "Sorry for the background noise, I'm at a Starbucks and there's
a Starclucks here."
by Dr. Charles Dromedary February 21, 2009
To become an annoying, over-the-top, born again Christian.
"He used to be fun and drink with us at parties, but now he's all mellow and God-this and God-that after getting all Jesused."
by Dr. Charles Dromedary September 09, 2011
Driving with the windows rolled down and heat turned up high in the dead of winter.
While we were driving around town yelling at people, we had to turn on the Ken Clark heat so we didn't freeze.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary April 13, 2008
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