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Any material which is worth masturbating to may be referred to as masturbatastic. Pornography, or anyone you would like to see featured in pornography is classed as masturbatastic. 'Wanktastic' is an acceptable variation.
1) This shit is masturbatastic.
2) Your sister is masturbatastic.
by Dr. Bint June 07, 2004
The act of assfucking someone so hard it causes them to be unable to breath.
1. Death by asphuxiation.
2. I didn't mean to asphuxiate... it just happened.
by Dr. Bint August 15, 2004
Combination of the words 'sperm' and 'crust'. This term is used to describe the stuff that blocks your peehole and makes urination awkward for a few seconds. Usually occurs the morning after a good wank, and subsequent failure to clean it all up properly.
1) Shit! I've got sprust again.
2) John thought he had an STI, due to the short stinging sensation when he began to urinate... the doctor laughed and told him it was just sprust.
by Dr. Bint July 25, 2004
Derogatory term. Same as idiot.
1) Shut up, fuck-piece.
2) That guy is such a fuck-piece.
by Dr. Bint July 13, 2004

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