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2 definitions by Dr. Winston O' Boogie

When a man ejaculates into a tissue and accidentally leaves the tissue to lay around. When it is found later, it is usually very stiff and not bendable.
Aww man! Steve left a stiff tissue on the bathroom floor!
by Dr. Winston O' Boogie February 20, 2008
After having coitus with a woman, you stand up for a moment and after looking around, jump into the air and bring your fist down right into the upper area of her vagina, around her clitoris. The noise she will make will resemble the screech of a falcon.

And remember, the falcon is not complete without yelling, "FALCON PUNCH!" Just like the Captain himself.
Dude! I think Mike's girlfriend got the Falcon! I could hear her screech two blocks away!
by Dr. Winston O' Boogie February 07, 2008