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Small man living in jar preserved in a jellylike solution, used for occult activities.
I must go down into the cellar to check on the homunculus.
by Dr Van Truessen October 27, 2003
An unfortunate protrusion from the "chocolate starfish" AKA Farmer, Nobby etc. Can be treated with Preparation H, or a similar pharmaceutical product.
"Oooof! These bum onions give me hell when I ride my bicycle": Attributed to J Sheehan 2004
by Dr van Truessen January 27, 2004
Sacred deity, maker of all that be fine and most that be smelly - the worshipful initiates of the mudma cult greet each other by means of the arcane and holy "sign of the Y".
Hail to the mudma!
by Dr van Truessen January 27, 2004
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