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2 definitions by Dr Pimp

A term used by brazillians in online games, most often in Tibia pretty much whenever they encounter any slight misfortune, and sometimes for no reason at all. Generally aff is a br's best friend. they spam it whenever they feel like it
br 1: mi frind pk u son of the bitch fuck
br 2: afffffffffff nooooo

player: Hey, would you like some free money?
br: AFF
player: ...what?
by Dr Pimp July 08, 2005
A program that you can use to avoid using xbox live to play online by "tricking" your xbox into thinking it's playing a system link game with someone. It sounds good at first: I mean Halo 1 online? cool, right? no. this entire community is overrun with the lowest of the low. Poor nerds, mostly hispanic, which accounts for the god-awful amount of lag. Apparently it's legal, but I have no idea how...
Marco: ey esse, i dont got da pesos for xbox live, wanna play dis shit instead?
Jose: yea mang, let's go steal a router or whatever the gringos call it
by Dr Pimp July 08, 2005