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When a womans tits are sagging below her elbows and in some cases bouncing off her belly button. Same as Sagged-out. If she were to turn around too fast they might knock someone down. Lots of major stretch marks that look like the San Andreas fault. When she takes a shit she need to tie them up or toss them over her shoulders to keep them out of the Gator water.
Hey Ted, look at Mollys saggers, they are touching her hip hugger jeans and one of them has actually managed to get into her change pocket.. NOT TOO NICE. Quick call Ringling Brothers,, we have a winner here.
by Dr, James Dillrod June 23, 2006
The meaty part of the male body, also known as the DICK, or the PENIS or the CHOAD, or the HAMMER, when operated in an attacking manner.
Hey Buck, did the Grissle Missle hit it's target in the middle of the night?
by Dr, James Dillrod October 05, 2006

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