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2 definitions by DpB

Thanks to the Hip-Hop Artist, Fabolous.

Acronym: Bitch I'm Tryin' to Eat.

Synonomous with: Bitch, don't question me; Bitch, I do what I gotta/gone do
Less-Desirable Synonyms: I do it because I must;What choice did I have?

Antonym: Y.O.L.O. (because YOLO ruined acronyms)
Slowly-Becoming-Unattractive Girlfriend: "Why you never take me out anymore?"

Disgruntled Boyfriend: "B.I.T.E."

Slowly-Becoming-Unattractive Girlfriend: "Uuuh, whaaaat?"

Disgruntled Boyfriend: " Bitch I'm tryin' to eat!"
by DpB December 10, 2012
A large man who likes to, or is paid to beat up people for their boss. Also overly aggressive behavior.
Send the Goons after him! Goon it up!
by DPB March 16, 2005