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Ok first of all...the last def is absolutely nonsense. I don't know that I consider myself a Juggalette but I do know the principles behind the whole thing.
The song quoted is actually a perfect example of why people don't understand.
Juggalo family is the whole "family" of followers of the Dark Carnival (which believe it or not is GOD....Shangri La being HEAVEN.) But the family does not discriminate in any means, you believe what you want because that is you (core principle). The FAMILY is always there for Juggalos and Juggalettes no matter what. The family accepts everyone for who they are and no one thinks that they are better than any other. Juggalos/lettes don't think they are above the law...even if they don't obey it. They don't care what anyone thinks about them or their belief's...yes, because people don't take the time to understand what it is they are saying....Don't take the actual lyrics as serious and you'll hear what the songs from all the Psychopathic Records Family are saying. But don't think that Lo's and Lette's ALL are obsessed with Psychopathic....they listen to everything.
Juggalo Family = followers of the Dark Carnival that come together and ALWAYS have the backs of their extended family. Even one's they don't know.
I don't get painted up or rep a hatchet girl but I'm down with the clowns for life
MY family of friends extends to the JUGGALO FAMILY.
Mad Mutha Fukin Clown Luv
by DownAssNonNinjette September 13, 2009

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