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Informal term used in Latin and Central America to a person mainly from the US, but often from European and First World countries (one won't call an Ethiopian a gringo). Usually derogatory, relating to a clumsy and/or unadapted character. A gringo is primariliy identified by his/her behavior, showing obvious traits of a non-native person, such as: difficulty to understand and speak the local idiom; extravagant, distinctive clothing; strong willingness to learn and engage in local customs; slightly different facial expressions and posture (culturally learned).
"Man, I'm cracking up here! Check that gringo trying to dance samba!!"

"What about visiting the Presidential Memorial?" "Nah, only gringos go there..."

"Tell you what: let's speak English tonight and tell the girls that we are gringos full o' cash!"

"You're really American?? You don't look/sound so gringo..."
by Douglas Souza July 27, 2006

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