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3 definitions by Doug Perry

To approach the annual Mammoth Mountain Motocross with the same training vigor as Christians do for their yearly tradition of "Lent" -- to show achievement through the sacrifice of a personal vice.

Lent is considered by many plebeians as a month where your goody good friend will give up things such as chocolate, or soda, for a religious cause. Kinda like Ghandi did way back when.

Held in Mammoth Lakes, CA every year, the Mammoth Motocross is considered one of the toughest, drunkest, funnest times on a dirt bike. Only professionals need apply. Elevation is one of the reasons why its so tough, riding moto @7,000ft is no small "feet."
"Dude, my buddy gave up fried foods for Lent. I called him a pussy and said I was giving up weed for Lentmmoth."

"Anyone want to join Lentmmoth with me? I quit drinking weeknights and when I am asleep."
by Doug Perry April 30, 2007
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To have a great thirst for beer products. (not for spirits)

Dude, they better have an open bar cause i'm so birsty after sitting through that lame wedding ceremony.
by Doug Perry October 18, 2006
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Any digestible product that sends signals to your body that you need to take a pooh instantly upon consumption.

Examples of Poohdisiacs: Cigarretes, Copenhagen, or any tobacco products, coffee, mexican food (especially local taco stands), many consistent nights of hard drinking.

Pooh + Aphrodisiac = Poohdisiac
I wouldn't smoke a cigarrete after eating Pedro's mexican food, they are serious poohdisiacs and their ain't no clean bathroom in sight.
by Doug Perry October 18, 2006
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