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An all but lost phrase from the seventies era of ebonics, the closest contemporary equivalent being, "What up?" WHAT IT IS is often a rhetorical question like, "How's it hanging?" or "What's going on?"
"What it is, Jeffro? Slip me some skeein!"
by Doug Mesner June 18, 2004
Used to measure the extreme SHIT-ALL can mean "entirely" or "absolutely nothing". SHIT-ALL can be interchanged with the words
"very", "goddammed", "overly", or "jack-shit", depending on it's context.
1.) Why you got to be so shit-all stupid?
2.) I'll tell you what, Jeb don't know shit-all about fuck, far as I'm concerned.
by Doug Mesner June 18, 2004
The rhythmic body language of the ebonically inclined. Jive-assing often consists of walking like a chicken or dancing about aimlessly. Jive-ass can also be used to describe any mannerisms or behavior indicative of ebonics culture.
1.) In the '80s, it was fashionable to hold a boom-box on one's shoulder and jive-ass down the street.

2.) Take your jive-ass bullshit somewhere else. None of my change is "spare".

3.) In his own jive-ass way, he explained his belief in the "Grand Pimp Jesus".
by Doug Mesner July 08, 2004
an attempted fart that results in either a liquid or solid emission
Man, I lifted a cheek to let one slide and wound up with a busted daisy in my shorts.
by Doug Mesner May 05, 2004
A more emphatic synonym for "tom-foolery". The type of behavior that results in disruption, annoyance, loss, or destruction.
Hey shithead, if it hadn't been for all your dumb-fuckery we may have made it to the glory-hole on time to meet Ole' Blew.
by Doug Mesner June 16, 2004
another term for condom
William donned a head shed before he fucked the bitch.
by Doug Mesner May 07, 2004
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