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When a guy has inane, extended phone conversations with his girl instead of hanging out with the fellas.
Gregg: Yo, where's Luke, I thought we were getting shitfaced together.
Doug: Not gonna happen man. He's busy vagging out in his room.
by Doug E. Fresh Barcelona November 13, 2007
The strange anatomical phenomenon that occurs when a woman's breasts don't quite touch each other. Quite a turnoff, generally.
Luke: I almost went all the way last night with her, man.
Gregg: What do you mean "almost"?
Luke: Well, she took her top off, and then I saw the space between...
Gregg: Oh, man, gross.
Luke: Yeah, and then that awful Dave Matthews Band song popped into my head, and it was all over.
by Doug E. Fresh Barcelona September 09, 2009
When a guy mouth fucks a girl so hard, he snaps her neck.
Man, I knew Tyrone's monster cock was going to give her the snapping turtle sooner or later.
by Doug E. Fresh Barcelona November 13, 2007
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