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A "from behind" sexual position. A kind of modified doggy style in which the male penetrates from behind, but is crouching over the female while standing with his feet up by the females knees. Similar to "monkey fucking", except ape fucking is more vigorous, with the male clutching either handfulls of the females hair, or gripping the females neck. Can be used in either vaginal or anal sex.
Last night was the first time in weeks my girlfriend has given me ass, so I decided to ape fuck her. I probably won't be getting any for a while again now.
by Douche McGouche November 07, 2007
While penetrating a woman from behind, insert both thumbs into the anus and pull apart, in turn, opening the anus and making the womans buttocks resemble an english muffin being split open.
My girlfriend was being a dirty slut, she even asked me to split the muffin!
by Douche McGouche November 07, 2007
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