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A fan clubber is a girl that gets all dolled up to go to night clubs & get free drinks & dance with guys they just met that night. The fan clubber will ALWAYS say that it's "Girls night out" whenever she wants to go fan clubbing with her girlfriends. They do this because their in search of building their fan club and adding more guys to their long list of dudes they go out and party with. They'll go dancing and accept free drinks from dudes that only want an easy buzzed chick to hook up with. The guy's they're out flirting with they usually also exchange phone numbers with. Fan clubbers will always refer to the new guys they met as "just friends." The reason why their called fan clubbers is because they typically have no intention of hooking up with the guys they flirt with but, that doesn't mean they won't because if you get a fan clubber buzzed or especially drunk, it's not terribly difficult to hook up with one.
I took Teresa out to dinner, then we went dancing and I bought her like 2 or 3 drinks and she still wouldn't hook up with me. She's just another fan clubber.
by Double Dawg May 10, 2008

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