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the call that lets you know if the guy you just slept with likes you or not, based on how long he takes to call you after having sex with you, if he calls at all
Mary slept with Bob on Friday night. Mary got the after sex phone call on Saturday afternoon. Bob likes Mary enough to consider her girlfriend potential. Jane slept with Danny on Friday night. Jane got the after sex phone call on Monday night. Danny wants to keep having sex with Jane, but doesn't consider her girlfriend potential. Betty slept with Steve on Friday night. Betty got the after sex phone call from Steve the next Friday afternoon at work. Steve wants to sleep with Betty when he feels like it. Doris slept with Frank on Friday night. Doris never got Frank's after sex phone call and won't. Frank forgot Doris' name as soon as he got her into bed.
by Doris August 14, 2004
A cool and sexy person named Doris who loves Steven
I am loving my baby boy.
by Doris January 07, 2005
a) a hip mamacita who hates people that "tYpe lYke DiSh" because they are complete morons that should be pushed into a pit of fire
b) sexy and intelligent
My dream is to be a Doris so I can get all the men!
by Doris February 16, 2004
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