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to go inject heroin
lets go push off
by dopefiend November 11, 2003
to get high on cocaine
lets go get lit up.
by dopefiend November 16, 2003
A hot piece of ass. Usually blonde and has a smoking body. She is always and amazing girlfriend, and cares more about others than herself. Her friends lover her because she parties and smokes and drinks like a badass. Shes also a good trip sitter. Loves dubstep, nice cars, and is amazing in bed. when you find a zoe you will be completely love her. If you know one, your a lucky mother fucker.
Me: "Yo, I met a zoe at a party last night and she was dope!

You: 'You lucky bastard"
#hot #sexy #fun #partier #dubber #amazing #perfect
by DopeFiend May 22, 2013
the third hit on a bowl of marijuana
damn i got trey
by dopefiend November 16, 2003
the second hit on a bowl of marijuana
i got door so i hit the pipe second
by dopefiend November 16, 2003
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