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(verb)To alter a phrase by deleting certain letters or words to make the original phrase take on a whole new meaning. This is best shown when used on online message boards that have a quote function. This technically means that the original author created your phrase - you just cleared away a few unnecessary letters.
"I wish the wind would blow golf balls at Steve" becomes "I blow goats." Note how only letters were taken out, not added.
by Doox November 27, 2004
A queen and a 3 (Q3) as a starting hand in Texas Hold'em poker. Named after the unfortunate donk holding such a hand, who decided to call off all of her chips when she hit bottom pair and saw a raise coming her way. See also: donk
"I had the Ktara so I figured - why not call all-in preflop? Sure, he got lucky when his aces held up, but at least my cards were suited..."
by Doox September 17, 2006
Another term for a woman's naughty bits.
When she whipped down that g-string and showed me her dirty banjo, I forgot what I was talking about.
by doox December 29, 2006
Another term for the vagina, cooter, coochie, taco, fernooter, pussy, va-jay-jay, or punani.
I got her in bed and decided she was too nasty to go down on her dirty banjo.
by Doox December 23, 2006

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