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An average woman before her breasts were weaponized. Became the well-known sperm depository of Tommy Lee.
Guy: Have you seen Barb Wire with Pamela Anderson?

Guy 2: What?

Guy: Action movie with the jubilees...

Guy 2: Hell yeah!
by Doomy_McDoomdoom August 06, 2008
A toxin typically derived from the fermentation of sugars in various fruits or vegetables. This is then distilled and utilized in a variety of ways in order to render a shitty day forgotten, make unattractive women appear more appealing and ultimately dull the pain of your disappointing life.
Chap 1: My old friend I have had the foulest of days.

Chap 2: Perchance we shall consume our alcohol.

Chap 1: Quite!
by Doomy_McDoomdoom August 06, 2008
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