3 definitions by Dontcallme Illcallyou

a corn-studded shit; any visually or texturally interesting poop

usage is normally paired with references to the toilet as some sort of natural body of water or swimming hole.
sorry to interrupt, but i gotta go return a corn-eyed brown trout to the porcelain pond.
by Dontcallme Illcallyou November 13, 2009
a distorted but clever mis-read of "in the nookie jar" typically committed by non-native english speakers, lazy readers and people who get really excited by the word "nookie," but which has valid usage:

1. covert nookie
2. covert expression of nookie
3. a doubly emphatic expression of the same
4. the version of "caught with your hand in the nookie jar" that doesn't involve being caught
5. surprise nookie
"me and my boyfriend are taking a car trip...you know, a little nookie in the jar."

"i'm going to surprise her on her birthday: a little wine, some candles, and i've got a extra-special stash of nookie in the jar"
by Dontcallme Illcallyou November 13, 2009
busted. caught with your pants down, literally or figuratively.
i got caught, balls down, with my girlfriend's mom
by Dontcallme Illcallyou November 11, 2009

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