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Someone who beats up little redheaded boys and steals their lunch money
Mike got his ass whipped by Gree
by dont worry about it November 18, 2004
a kid that bosses around his parents w/o gettn in trouble.
Now son dont be actin like a ronnie scherwin.
by dont worry about it August 07, 2003
A prep. that likes to sit in antares 8 and show off his meager accomplishment of level 200. You and the rest of your mungers at Brinstar.com can all catch any random vinerial disease.
"Hi Im Tamahome and Im addicted to penis"
by Dont worry about it August 08, 2003
Said in reference to sneaking up behind someone and humping them in the butt. Giving them ur mashed potatoes means to ejaculate in said person's anus. This is enjoyed by gay men and extremely slutty/kinky girls.
"Come here boy u gonna get sum a deeze mashed potatoes"
by dont worry about it February 12, 2005
eating a gurl out

background: guys say that u give them head so what do they call it when a gurl gets eaten out so we made something
eating a gurl out, and i just had to write something so it would take the definition so this is totally pointless
by dont worry about it February 03, 2005
A kid who looks like a girl and is a 5'4 fashion major at school of the fags
Bud: hey i like you
Katie: hey i like you to but i have a boyfriend
Bud: Who cares just dump him
Katie: Alright then i will suck your dick
by Dont Worry About It February 06, 2005
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