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Stretching out your scrotum and placing a Mexican jumping bean on it. The bean will bounce up and down off your scrotum like a trampoline.
I paid some homeless dude in Guadalajara 20 pesos to show me a Tiajuana Trampoline.
by Donnell April 03, 2007
N. Any of several perennial herbs of the genus Petasites in the composite family, native to northern temperate regions and having large basal leaves and dense clusters of usually whitish or purplish flower heads.
Butterburs tickle my nutsack.
by Donnell July 07, 2005
a girl thats face is ugly as hell but has a nice as
Look at that girl over there she ugly as a mug (then she turns around). LOOK AT THAT ASS SHE BE A TIP DRILL.
by donnell July 20, 2005

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