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One of the best motorcycle manufacturers who builds the one of the best motorcycles of the world, besides the pretty nice cars and SUV's. Mostly sturdy and reliable touring bikes, like world traveller's favourite R1500GS, and naked-semi naked sport touring or sport bikes like K1200S-K1200R.(See the picture K1200RS, named "7of9", in Manhattan, by Donald Duck)

BMW bikes called/known as "Beemers", as cars called "Bimmers".
BMW called Black Magic Woman because of the good ol' black BMW bikes...
by Donald_Duck August 02, 2006
A pretty eccentric motorcycle on base Bimota Tesi, Bimota, an Italian manufacturer. Two models produced, 2V and 4V. See pix..
"Based on the Bimota Tesi but completely redesigned, the Vyrus has the engineered look of a high tech purpose built motorcycle, unencumbered by plastic bodywork so you can easily see what makes it tick." "Kneesliderdotcom"
by Donald_Duck August 04, 2006

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