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A pseudo-intellectual progressive type who would be so retarded and or misinformed or so duped by all the hype as to turn our country over to a JUNIOR senator from Illinois who has spent the better part of his term as Senator pimping himself to the American public when he should be proving himself on a senatorial level, retards would include: Hollywood, minorities, college age, first time voters, the cause oriented, Hamas, The Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam.
This country blew its last best chance by not getting behind Ron Paul, now watch as it goes down the toilet in a socialistic, entitlement oriented swirl! Moonbat!
by Donald Vick May 16, 2008
Items that should be included in a guitar sale that a potential seller, usually on Ebay, withholds then "throws in" in order to make a potential buyer feel like he/she is getting something extra, items such as tremelo bar or polishing cloth are referred to as "case candy".
Hit the "Buy it Now" option and I'll throw in the case candy, other wise I'll sell the whammy bar on another auction to squeeze another few dollars out of you
by Donald Vick May 16, 2008
A term used in Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks of North Carolina to describe the idiots from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania that pour into the resort areas every summer and complain about everything from the heat to the food. Touron is easily distinguished by pale white skin(or lobster red), Jimmy Buffetesque print shirts, and Wal-Mart flip flops. Known to be found regularly at 1st Street(jetty) area of Virginia Beach standing about with stupid looks on their faces as the lifeguards are whistling them out of the water despite the SURFERS ONLY signs posted all around them. Frequently set up on the beach in commune fashion complete with tents, TV's, Stereos, and 500 gallon coolers, and will usually set up in front of someone with complete disregard to beach etiquette(after all they won the war). Loud and obnoxious, frequently wear black jeans and shirts to the beach. Tourons have become a good source of revenue to the locals in/around the Rudee Inlet area of North Carolina as they can't seem to grasp the concept of airing their tires down before driving unto the sand, thus getting their Suburbans stuck and subjecting themselves to fee's ranging from blowjobs to 100 bucks to get their dumbs asses pulled out.
It should have only took me 10 minutes to get to work today but 264 was jammed up with stupid tourons
by Donald Vick August 21, 2007

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