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The act or ability to never let any failure stick to you but attempt to take credit for all successes, by never making a decision on your own and thus never being the target of failure bottlenecks. Though it will not stop you if things go right, all success will be cohersed to stick with your name as its leader.

Teflonics will hold position of powers but when forced to use that power they will vocalize that there is nothing they can do .
Hans is so teflonic that if gravity didnt hold his fat cancerpuffing ass down, he would slide right to the sun and take credit for its warmth glow.
by Don_Cheadles_Agent September 15, 2004
An individual with one testicle and the ability to be a jack of all trades ( master of none )

Individual will display some female tendencies and should be locked at home as the woman of the house. Will have a lovehate relationship with any nearby czechrepublicans and will work under a teflonic Vicepresident
He is so a lemony, why doesnt he go put on an apron and cook some gingerbread men like the lil bitch that he is
by Don_Cheadles_Agent September 15, 2004

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