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In Colombia ,it can mean pennis though its more used to denote something either really cheap and / or low quality , or something fake :

" Mas chimbo que una moneda de cuero / more chimbo than a leather coin .."
" Nohh que reloj tan chimbo/ what a chimbo clock"
"Que carro tan chimbo / buhh! what a chimbo car "
by DonJuanK April 08, 2009
In colombia:
Fake ,something that looks just like an original brand product ,but costs way less and usually lasts way less too.
Juan : Whats up pedro?
Pedro : The patented unbreakable thing i bought just broke..
Juan: uhh im sorry , was it exprensive ?
Pedro : S200 on ebay , but i got it new for 50 from a friend of a friend.
Juan : haha , they sold u the chibiado one man..
by DonJuanK April 08, 2009

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