20 definitions by Don Gulliver

roll of fat around your belly button
burnsy's mum has a big doughnut
by Don Gulliver August 11, 2003
Its when you are having dinner before you get laid, so you feed your girlfriend a curry. Then when having sex with her you give it to her doggy style and hence from the curry she farts, warming ur dick and nuts
My heaters were all broken on a winters night, so instead i got my girlfriend to give me a tandoori dip
by Don Gulliver May 16, 2003
If a mother is called burnsy's mum, they are being seriously paid out. This word is in honor of Burnsy's Mum, who was retarded, had a mono brow, was extremely ugly, and yelled out really loud things in public in her strange retarded language
Holy Shit, your mum is Burnsy's Mum
by Don Gulliver April 06, 2003
an eyebrow which is in fact like the normal two eyebrows that most have, except it is joined in the middle to create one super long and hairy brow, known as the mono brow. This is common in retarded, and exceptionally hairy people.
WHOA! that guy has a mono so thick boy scouts could camp under it
by Don Gulliver April 07, 2003
the vagina which can be turned into a creamy beaver.
i just touched her pubic mound and i pitched a tent
by Don Gulliver April 08, 2003
arabian love is when someone has sexual desire for desert animals such as the camel.
that guy is dirty cause of his arabian love
by Don Gulliver April 05, 2003
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