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stolen car
aye homie, keep tha stolo cuttiez
by don't worry bout it June 23, 2004
The place where u get shot for being black but everybody here acts black there is also a steady uprise in pot smokers...matt noe's gay there are pure albone blood gangstas here so be careful u will get shot
I went to albone and bot an ounce of pot then got shot
by Don't worry bout it May 18, 2003
1. has REALLY good food in her pantry
2. is very motherly
3. has parents named gampy and gammy
4. knows how to iron-on shirts like a pro
5. is an all-star softball pitcher
6.is going out with the manliest man anyone knows
7. knows that if u give guys a crumb...they're gonna want the WHOLE cookie
us: "Let's go reak havoc and cause mischeif"
mamsie: "now guys...why dont we bake some cookies instead?"
by Don't Worry Bout It August 07, 2004
The nasty shit on a fat kids neck that builds up because he/she cannot reach it to wash or are just to damn fat
Natti's such a scrubaneck its distgusting
by don't worry bout it May 09, 2003
1.drives a pink zebra tracker...WEIRD!!
2. knows EVERY umping code known to man
3. will knock yo ass senseless if u talkin smack
4.thinks shes the best catcher in the world
5. runs around the hotel half nude....ew yall!!!
6. has never heard of the word Fun
7.likes her men, if yall know what i mean....
8. is a future olympic supastar
"guys we NEED to take this seriously"
by Don't Worry Bout It August 07, 2004

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