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3 definitions by Domojito

A ferby/gerble that fancies shanking unsuspecting thong wearers and are ridiculously horny.
"He's humping my leg, Daniel."

"Don't worry, Amber, it's ferble season."

"It's always ferble season."
by Domojito November 15, 2009
Someone who's a cock block, a pretentious one at that.
"Alex, you're the only Apodaca I know that would call us while I'm trying to get laid." Daniel cried in disdain.
by Domojito November 18, 2009
The act of being pretentious. Thinking you're better than those around you, when you're actually the butt of everyone's jokes.
"Ugh, he's such an Apodaca. It's really getting annoying."

"Why does everyone think they're so great? They're nothing more than an Apodaca."
by Domojito November 15, 2009