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1. to maintain in a state of coolness/smoothness
2. used as a command to "take care of something
Example 1:
person 1 - "I'ma hit that party tonight"
person 2 - "Aight, hold it down"

Example 2:
person 1 - "Yo, money! Are you fucking that shorty?
person 2 - "Naw, dawg! You can hold that down!"
by dominikan May 20, 2003
Spanish word meaning "octopus". Used as a term amongst salsa clubs in Miami to identify individuals that want to dance with every female, even if taken.
"Mira ese fuckin' pulpo, me quito la jeva!"
by dominikan May 20, 2003
The act of socializing with your boys after the club sitting in the trunk of your respective vehicles expecting females to stop all of the sudden, just because... Reserved for niggas that did not accomplish anything in their search for digits INSIDE the club.
Crumb #1: Dawg, fuck these hoes, they ain't about shit.
Crumb #2: Speak for yourself, nigga. I'm about to do some parking-lot pimpin' sitting right here in the hood of my Sephia. Blast that 50 and pop the trunk!
by Dominikan April 29, 2003
1. Synonym for "levels"
2. The hottest shit going down in Miami this weekend. Reggae party at Pro Player Stadium (Miami Dolphins). Find me at VIP.
Example 1:
"I'll buy another video game once I clear all the stages on this one."

Example 2:
"Absolute Entretainment is holding it down this saturday at Stages, but don't bring sand to the beach"
by dominikan May 20, 2003
Also known in Miami as "P Dub". Usually refering to that particular individual at the club that spends all night hoping a female will approach him, because he lacks the balls to approach his own sister. Generally an expert in the art of posing, usually against the bar.
Man! Stop being a "P Dub". If you like that female, just go talk to her
by Dominikan April 29, 2003
- Stupid ignorant gringo who doesn't speak spanish: Reggaeton is a music that is only about degrading women, and promotes the use of drugs and alcohol. And all the songs are retarded .For example, Daddy Yankee has a retarded song and all he says is "I want gasoline" wtf is that supossed to mean

- Me: Yah,its probably true in some cases, but have u ever heard of DJ Playero? The Noise? Vico C? La Industria? Have u bothered in doing some research u dumb shit. And btw, when he says "Gasolina" he means sex, u idiot.
- I wont put a definition. Just get some of the DJ Playero's productions : Playero 40 and 41. And Vico C old stuff. Those are good examples of good Reggaeton. And please at least learn how to speak spanish before talking trash about reggaeton. Do yourself a favor and don't look like and idiot trying to make fun of something you don't even understand.
by DominiKan March 25, 2006

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