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the time in which dome is given or owed; this time is another name for dome time, in which mad dome is given. usually works better on chicks that are drunk
babe: excuse me, do you know what the current time is?
guy: whats up bitch its dome time now get on my dick!!
babe: no, i mean like actually like what time on your watch is it?
guy: oh my bad, its dome o'clock....NOW GET ON MY DICK!
by Dome Timer August 13, 2006
you guessed it, the face one makes when preparing to give some mad dome. shaped like an circle, or occasionally an oval depending on the customer. Dome faces are usually brought out during dome time
whats up bitches?! time to put your dome face on, cause its DOME TIME!
by Dome Timer July 30, 2006
completely and utterly baked, generally applies to cars or basements, or any other place that can be filled with smoke.
wanna get the car domed out this week? i'm down.
by Dome Timer August 19, 2006
the question you pop to dumb bitches who you want dome from. Regardless of whether they consent or not, you can still refer to this period as the dome time. Tends to work better on girls who have a known record of giving mad dome and/or if they are drunk too.
Ey whats up bitches?! Can i get some dome?! over here right now?!!
by Dome Timer August 12, 2006
drunk or wasted to the point where you are lying on the floor and people drop pretzel sticks into your open mouth. see also bombed
we got so pretzeled last night after a night of boozing
by Dome Timer November 01, 2006
the approximate time during which, by any means necessary, dome is given and received by all who partake in it. 'Dome Time' usually lasts about 2-3 hours, but can be any amount of time needed to complete the mission (ie, giving a lot of dome). Thus, 'Dome Time,' or DT, can be very quick or (as some northern Europeans have noted) very long, lasting up to 4 years.

To initiate a DT, anyone can simply inquire, "What time is it?" To which, someone may ultimately respond after a long period of unnecessary foreplay, "It's Dome Time!!"

Then it commences.
by Dome Timer July 27, 2006

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