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1. (adj) When a service or utility is repaired or patched together haphazardly rather than correctly in an effort to save time or money; often resulting in frequent accidents, failures, or outages. The resulting jumbled mess of wires often resembles the lights and cords on a Christmas tree.

2. (adj) A sub-par, often dangerous and shoddy wiring job consisting of a jumbled mess of cables, exposed wires, and, shorts-outs; that is the result of numerous shortcuts taken by someone to save time or money.

3. (adj) Any utility or service that was repaired or engineered in a sub-par manner out of sheer laziness or ineptitude.

Synonyms: half-assed, shoddy, sub-par, piss-poor
Whomever wired this fusebox did a shoddy job, it's christmas tree'd together.
by DomPrice January 29, 2012
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