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A brilliant and long-admired home entertainment system, currently endangered by fuck-witted, easily-impressed townie wankers who cream in their jeans at the sight of a piddly little silver disc that actually contains a FILM. Like, wow. Get a fucking life.
"I watched Last House On The Left last night on VHS and I shat myself"
by Doll Revolution July 11, 2003
The geeky kid at school who stank of chip fat and grime, came from a poor family and had the social skills of a dead skunk, yet was completely convinced that everyone was his mate. Popularized by Ringo Starr in the film That'll Be The Day (1973).
That Lee Martin's a right spanner.
by Doll Revolution July 11, 2003
A dancer employed on shitty music videos to detract attention from the lead performer's fat arse, dodgy eye etc.
"Typical of Britney to bring in Mr Buttholio and the twirling fartknockers"
by Doll Revolution August 29, 2003

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