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The brutal execution of a young Russian soldier by Chechen Rebels. It depicts a man lying on his side while a knife is at his throat, then seconds later it is brought down into it. This video has become quite infamous due to the amount of gore and realism involved. You can find this video at Ogrish.com and similar websites. (You might want adjust the volume while you watch)
"I wanna pull a chechclear on that mofo!"
by Dolarhyde August 20, 2005
The most beautiful girl alive. Commonly identified by her "ghetto booty". Currently dating a cool guy only known as "The Man".
Damn that girl looks almost as good as Kora!
by Dolarhyde August 23, 2004
From the once active crime syndicate in central California. Blainn was notorious for his drug related crimes, and stopped at nothing to pursue his long term goal of becoming a large scale drug kingpin in Fresno, CA. His dream failed however, when his dealings were reported to the local authoirites. Mr. Pittman is still at large.
Seller: This is the best **** money can buy.
Buyer: Maybe for you, but this has nothing on Blainn Pittman.
by Dolarhyde June 16, 2007

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