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A Pancho is the spanish word for Hotdog. Nickname of the crack dealer that is always in the back of the alley wearing the same blood stained shirt every Monday.

It can also mean a gay black blanket that shines at night and is commonly used in porn videos. And it could be "small dick".

Word used to define a person that buys those TV ads machines to make gym because he is gay.

Person that has a van with the sign "free candy" written.
1. Give me a pancho asshole.
2. The Pancho of the alley tried to get me to buy some crack when some dudes began to chase him and beat the hell out of him with a bat.
3. Hey sweetie, come join me in my pancho.
4. I have a pancho.
5. He is a pancho, he can't even make a sit up so he buys stupid crap.
6. That pancho was giving away free candy.
by DoinYoMum June 18, 2011

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