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gangsta disiples fuck the slo6s 6 ride 5 die
Damn those folk nation gangsta disiples are some hard up niggas did you see them blast those slo6s
by Doe C Doe February 25, 2005
Gangsta Disiples Folk Nation Originally from Chicago expanded farther also in Lafayette, IN (where I'm at) no longer race oriented in most parts.
GD is the the realist niggas and crackers this side of L.A.I.
by Doe C Doe February 24, 2005
Crips called British Knight because of the shoes they where called British Knights they where those because of the abv. BK (Blood Killers)
Oh shit so British Knights are about to roll up if they slow down cut for it.
by Doe C Doe February 24, 2005
A punk ass fake nigga who grew up in a rich neiborhood, and thx he's gangsta when he aint nothin but a fake ass wanksta whos was a record company called murder inc but all there songs are r&b and none of them are even good
ja rule is 50cents bitch
by Doe C dOe April 16, 2005
take yourself to tha limis an' bust on a nigga when there tryin to start shitznit
come on mang dont bunt on dis nigga hes just frontin
by Doe C dOe April 18, 2005
A mans nuts or balls.
These M&M's will melt in your mouth not in your hand.
by Doe C Doe February 24, 2005
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