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A beer pong formation that is 2 cups wide and 3 cups long.
Dude: What rack do you want?
Bro: We'll take a lego brick.
by Dode February 09, 2009
A tattoo on the lower back of a woman.
Look at that chick's skank tag.
by DODE March 03, 2008
The first urination of the day.
Guy: Good morning sweetie.
Girl: Good morning.
Guy: I'm going to go make my morning cup of tea.
Girl: I hope it's a good one.
by Dode May 25, 2009
The most exclusive secret society at the University of Missouri.
Rando 1: Who are those guys.
Rando 2: They must be the Christmas Geese.
by Dode November 24, 2008
A tv show or movie that is of the same quality of a porn that shows little or no nudity.
Sister: watching tv
Brother: what are you watching
Sister: Graduation Week, it's about 5 different couples
Brother: This movie is such Anti-Porn
by Dode November 24, 2008
To vomit all over the place, barely getting any vomit in the toilet or waste basket.
Hey Rev, don't get them too drunk. We don't need ten girls laurening all over the place.
by Dode November 02, 2008

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