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An abbreviation for...
Pissing my self, rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off!
Used a lot in msn messenger, mostly used by people in southern england.
Its so annoying.
Nerd1: Ummmmm, Chicken, LOOK IM BEIN RANDOM so that makes me a comic genious
Nerd2: PMSROFLMAO !!!!!!!111!!!! U can just keep bein random
Coolperson: shutup
Nerd2: Quiet u will never understand this complex humour
Coolperson: stfu

Sorry for such a long example.
by Doctor_destruction April 29, 2005
Short for Allright because if you say it it sounds like a northern allright "arrreiiighhtt".
R8, how you doing?
Thas r8 man.
by Doctor_destruction July 01, 2005
If someone has been inside someones ass for ages, meaning they have been sucking up to them and trying to be as helpfull as possible to them, then they start to stop i.e starting to climb out of their ass, the light coming from outside into the arse shining into the persons eyes, like coming out of a dark tunnel and seeing light pop through, is described as anul sunshine. Its complex I know but its cool.
1.Tony Blair still hasnt seen George Bush's anul sunshine.
by Doctor_destruction March 06, 2005
Quick way of saying anyway.
KoolHotBitch99: Hey guys :D:D Please give me your asl as im a total stranger, I dont bite LOLOL!!!111!!!
DrDestruction: SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH...N e way back 2 the subject...
by Doctor_destruction March 28, 2005
What all E.a games are.
coolperson: What do you think of e.a
othercoolperson: i think e.a are mediocre.
by Doctor_destruction March 29, 2005
Stands for
Camp Kill Yourself
1.A very, very overated metal band. Listen they really arn't that good. Are mostly listened to by nerds these days.
2. A way of life which consists of jumping off things and trying to do crazy idiotic stunts that are very paintfull or discusting in public. It was cool at one time but now its only re-enacted by NERDS.
Nerd:Yo dude check out this amazing Cky song.
Cool person: Shut up, like something new you twat

Nerd: Yo lets jump off some building because it makes me look cool even though im gay.
Cool person: Ur so gay.
by Doctor_destruction March 29, 2005
A band consisting of nine members. They are famous for their strange way of singing (growling) and strang masks and jumpsuits. Now forget all this shit about what type of metal they are (they're thrash metal anyway) and all this shit that people who don't know anything about the music industry say about them being comercial, lets just look at the music. To be fair they are extremely bad songwriters, their songs are so badly written with the most awful lyrics ive ever heard. Whats worse is that you cant even tell how bad they are because they put so much distortion on the guitars and so much growling on the mic that it just ends up with a load of noise.
Their drummer is good though, but theirs millions apon millions of better drummers.
However its understandable that their music is so redicoulosely hardcore it would apeal to angry teenagers who have no social life and take their anger out in the mosh pit, so that music would be quite suitibal for that.
There are two types of people who listen to slipknot, 1.crazy people who have a lot of fun and just want to get in there in the mosh pit.
2. People who claim that they produce good music who are the biggest loosers ever seen ever! All though they might say that because their ears have been damaged by the loud noise.
Looser: oh yes slipknot are a very talented band who use extremely clever meledolic structures and amazing lyrics like FUCK U FUCK SHIT FUCK which are so meaning full.
Coolperson: Shut the fuck up you faggot slipknot are the worst songwriters ever and its people like you giving them an even worse name!
Looser: Ohhh Noo youve made me cry :'(
by Doctor_destruction May 26, 2005
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