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Philosophy of cooking based on teachings and instructions of Julia Child. Central tenet: wine and butter are good for you.
I follow a diet consistent with childism. You'll never know it, but chablis and land 'o lakes make the perfect combonation
by doctor zaius May 02, 2003
A socioeconomically deprived individual, usually also dumb as a bag of dildos. If this person were in India, 'untouchables' would look down on them.

Likely to have large gauges dangling from their ears, neck/face tattoos and an EBT card. Likely cannot spell, even with auto-correct on their Blackberry.

Someone who's poortarded. A poor 'tard. A natural cousin to the retard.....only poorer.
"Did you see that new tat that Lionel got on his hands?"

"Sure did. What a poortard. He won't even be able to get a job at Jiffy Lube with 'Mazel Tov' tatted across his fingers."
by Doctor Zaius January 18, 2013
Short for Quebec City, in Canada (guess which province? Quebec!). Also used to refer to events of massive anti-FTAA demonstrations that occurred there in April 2001.
When we got gassed in the QC i couldn't feel my face
by doctor zaius May 01, 2003
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