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A word used by morons to insult a person of superior academic abilities.

Said morons believe to have such intelligence and excelling at education and gaining qualifications is laughable and therefore to be called a 'swot' is a horrible, undesirable humiliation for the victim.
I hate my job, having to get up at 6am, put on a lumo jacket and clean up the thrash around the streets, its so demeaning, and the pay is crap, but I've got no other qualifications so I guess I can't do anything else. Yesterday i near got knocked down by a guy in a suit drivin a Porsche....looked like Adam Grimes from my old class. He was such a swot....
by Dockslide McGeown April 20, 2009
1. A person from the country of Weirdonia (eastern Europe, near Latvia & Translyvania)
2. A complete freakin weirdo
3. A total randomer who's mental craic but just a lil cuckoo
4. Russell Brand
That lad who was eating the Indian food thru a straw and talking about pogo-sticking down the euro tunnel was a complete weirdonian!! :)
by Dockslide McGeown April 24, 2009
(1)To be in top-form on a nite out; (2) to be hyper and really enjoying oneself;(3) to be awesome craic and full of witty comments and comebacks; (4) to be off your face on drugs and having the time of your life; (5) to be truly focused and determined to get something done (6) to perform extremely well

Ah Ba'Jesus I'm in deadly mode tonight lads, nothing can bring me down!
by Dockslide McGeown April 18, 2009
A filthy bitch who'll let ya horse it in her any which way you want.
"I was at the club the other nite, met this little blonde thing and went out the back alley, ride her up the ass then smacked my bodger round her jaws, she friggin loved the dortbord!
by Dockslide McGeown April 02, 2009
A man and a kangaroo enjoy a wonderful docking session where the kangaroo gets his didgeridoo and rubs it against the head of the man's penis.
Steve Irwin's Secret Dockeroo Documentary: The Australian Outback: Out the back, Brokeback & Bareback
by Dockslide McGeown December 08, 2008

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