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Say you want the booty. You want it now. This is someone who is ready when you call and you gotz the booty. The booty is youuurrssss.
"I really want some booty right now."
"Hit up yo booty call #23."
"Aye you're right - I even know her by name. She's the wildest."
#booty #booty call #ass #butt #sex #sexy #sexy time #sexytime #bootycall
by DocDrea February 10, 2014
A dinosaur-looking man with arms of an excessive length which are useful for reaching for his dreams farther than anyone; yet his wings are inadequately small which prevent him from flying.
"I keep losing at all my track meets but I'm working and training harder than everyone. I feel like a Sanit."
#sanit #dinosaur #santi #wings #arms #man
by DocDrea February 10, 2014
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