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when a girl submits to having all of her body cavaties simotaneously penetrated by objects, usually including penises and fingers.
sally got all holes filled by billy, bobby, and kenny. the next day she couldnt walk.
by Doc joseph May 31, 2005
a wound on the vaginal area of a woman that has been injured and has formed a scab. this often occures after overuse of the vagina, from either excessive masturbation or by prostitution.
i was going to fuck sally but i spread her legs and she had a nasty cuntscab. I turned her over and did her a donkey punch instead.
by Doc joseph May 31, 2005
When an emo kid has a stripe or the front part of his / her hair died a vibrant or contrasting colour.
That emo kid billy is always so sad, and then he got emo stained and it got worse.
by Doc joseph November 12, 2005
a knowledgable person in the field of methamphetamine and related compounds. Usually a method man will produce bulk amounts of crystal meth for sale on the streets.
u want hit sum ICE mah friend? head over to my good friend the method man.
by Doc joseph May 31, 2005
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