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A sticky turd that can't be nipped off cleanly even by the strongest nipsy and every wipe leaves a thick brown stripe down the paper until the wiper gives up and resigns himself to a day of anal discomfort. See Golf Arse
Where's all the toilet paper gone, that was a new roll this morning?

Sorry pet, I've got the brown crayola
by Doc Sos September 03, 2006
A particularly sticky, hard to wipe out shit that will strike just prior to a round of golf or any activity involving a lot of walking leading to a sore, itchy ringpiece and a horrendous Japanese sunset in the crackers. Also known as the Brown Crayola
Q How could you miss a one foot putt?
A I've got Golf Arse, I couldn't concentrate for the burning
by Doc Sos September 03, 2006
A spectacular display of attached fecal material in the underpants going far beyond simple skidmarks
From the resemblance to the wartime Japanese battleflag
Christ look at the state of these crackers! Washings not going to get that japanese sunset out, we'll have to burn the bastards
by Doc Sos September 03, 2006
A ribbed or studded condom
How about a bit of rumpy pumpy with a bumpy dunky
by Doc Sos April 19, 2006
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