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(origin American; slang) n. 1. a great magician. n. 2. similar to a 'Donkey Punch' except with flair. n. 3. Doin' a girl from behind, pulling out before you get a chance to come, spitting on her back (only to cause her to turn around), releasing your mangoo into her face and yelling 'Abracadbra bitch!'.
It was a night unlike any other...the breese was gentle, the air softly romantic, and the moon sparkling overhead...so I hit her with the Houdini.
by Doc Nutz March 18, 2003
(aka The Fonch; orign American) n. 1. the mangina; n. 2. where a male takes his penis and sticks in between his legs to create a simulated vagina; v. 3. used in expression (see below).
1. You didn't just show dad 'the fonch' did you?
2. Fonch-tastic!
by Doc Nutz March 18, 2003
(origin Tosa) adj. 1. usually used to describe a professional sports star that is key to an organization. n. 2. as according to the NFL someone who has a special contract designation so they cannot leave their organization. n. 3. Greg Caramello. (see below)
adj. 1. He gets a triple double every intramural game, he's so franchise to our team.
n. 2. Did the Packers make Brett Favre a franchise player?
n. 3. Did you hear that Franchise drank 23 capt. and cokes?
by Doc Nutz April 21, 2003

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