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4 definitions by DoBoDaBo

A redneck person who jacks off like no tomarow.
1. " whats that sound." " just the JIZZ SLINGER next door."
by DoBoDaBo June 02, 2009
when u trick ur girl into a hand job and before u came u piont up tword her face and u get her in the eye ...then kick her in the shin as shes jumping around she covers her eye and that my friend is a pirate eye patch
Dude i gave kathleen a pirate eye patch.
by DoBoDaBo July 20, 2009
meaning whats up or wazzz up!!!!
hey man DoBoDaBo
by DoBoDaBo July 22, 2009
The lord of all fags. ussualy a dude who wheres all pink, even his pants are pink and skin tight, and has the ultimate gay lisp.
dude that is such a ULTI-FAG!!!!!
by DoBoDaBo July 19, 2009