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Niggers that you see when you drive to work at 6 am that seem to just stand outside of KFC- not only this but these are pure niggers, purely black with that stupid clothing and "I want chicken" T-shirts with ripped shorts they stole from the animal shelter.
Ronald Weasley: Stupid fucking bitches, I hate niggers- they broke into my car.

Harry Potter: Did you leave chicken in there?

Ronald Weasley: FUCK my life I forgot.
#stupid #fucking #bitches #i #hate
by Do language September 18, 2009
A expression of the language of do - AKA do language

"Do Everything and anything that can not only be good, but also can be good shat. Can be used in any variation, form, style, prose, accent. Do good shat is always do good shat but it's at its best when said with a beach accent, which immediately satisfies the human race"
Smile: Let's take do hit!

Danage: it's do good shat!!!

Yunest: IT'S do good SHAT!!

Krakage: IT'S DO GOODSHAT (beach voice)

Tykage: ^^^ do good shat
#do #shat #its do good shat #tykage #do good shat brah
by Do language October 02, 2011
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