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A haunted Cemetery in Springfield Nebraska. Haunted by William Liddiard also known as Rattlesnake Pete, and a lady named Mary Mumford. People claim to see headstones tipp over and raise back up. Sometimes if you piss the spirits off they will mess with the mirrors on your car turning them all down. Unexplained bruises can be found on your body after your visit. Be careful if you go out there because the groundskeeper isn't afraid to call a state trooper on you if he hears you. He isn't afraid to chase you out with a shotgun either.
I am going to Ball Cemetery with my friends on Friday and we're going to piss off Rattlesnake Pete!
by DjR3D July 04, 2010
A bum fuck town in Nebraska. There is nothing to do except stare at cornfields and sleep.
I'm going to Waverly Nebraska because I'm gay.
by DjR3D June 24, 2010

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