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a chica who gives sexual favors for the chronic!!!
A herbawhore includes those party girls who hook up with the guy holdin a bag of mary jane just to toke up with him for free!
by Dj Hypnotech April 20, 2009
A drinker who drinks more than they make it seem just because they consume at home.
Baby! You're just a "lush on the low!" Just cuz you don't drink out at the bar, that much, doesn't mean you aren't a lush!
by Dj Hypnotech May 13, 2009
when your lady friend blows things waaay outta proportion.
Seth: Dude my girlfriend is flippin out about me partyin so much.

Justin: She must be havin a WHOAmantrum man!

Seth: Yeah, she must be!
by Dj Hypnotech May 02, 2009
the female version of bustin balls
Dude, i'm gonna be bustin ovaries somethin ridiculous tonight! Those girls won't know what hit em!
by Dj Hypnotech July 23, 2009
the male version of scissoring
when men cross swords in a homo fashion is a prime example of swords-ing
by Dj Hypnotech May 22, 2009

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