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Refering to another male, directly or indirectly. When a person uses the phrase "Ya boy", the other person must know who you are talking about or it is pointless.
1: Ya boy betta shut that shit up.

2: I hit cha boy in his chest and he folded like a piece of cheese.

3: When is ya boy gonna suck my dick?
by Dj Beast October 28, 2005
To go crazy, or to destroy everything in sight. The top level of beastmode is MAXIMUM BEASTOCITY. This is when nothing is spared in the destruction in EVERYTHING. Beastmode is also the name of Dj Beasts new album, coming out January of 2006.
I went beastmode on that bitch and i fucked his ass up.
by Dj Beast October 28, 2005

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