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Where Dr. Evil came from
"I was adopted by frikkin belgians, eh?"
by Dixie Normus August 06, 2003
The world's worst car. The kind of car that Disabled Dan would drive.
Q: Why do Yugo have rear window defrosters?
A: To keep your hands warm while you push them.
by Dixie Normus November 12, 2003
Loves Kayla Hons
Loves Black people music even though he is white
John Chesky
by Dixie Normus May 11, 2004
A sexual act in wich somone urinates in the mouth of another person and then makes out with them.
Last night i perticipated in a Yellow Hazard with your mom.
by Dixie Normus April 02, 2003
the root of all evil
money is the work of satan
by Dixie Normus August 04, 2003

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